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ahmad anwar(105413018)

my ambition
My name is Ahmad anwar.when i was school in junior high school, in my village there are neighbor went to haji. they are look very glad. i was have imaged, if my parents whowent to haji. iam sure they are very-very happy.
since that, i thinking about how to dispatch my parents to haji, by me,by my means.what imust do to reach it? yeah, ishould do hard work. i will try to obtain decent work or be bisnisman.

My hobbies

My name is Arif Yulianto, I often greet wise, I am 18 years old and I am a student. I reside in Bambe, Driyorejo, Gresik with my parents
Everyday I was studying in Surabaya State University, helping the elderly to sell at home and others. I am very proud to study in Unesa, because of its strategic place, close to home and guaranteed quality to educate.

My hobbies foot baal and swimming .ago football when I was a junior high school I attended extra curricular activities in the neighborhood soccer schol.i hope attended this event I will become a reliable player, and later grow up I will be touching the name of the Indonesian nation in the world. In I was hometown every afternoon and Sunday morning I was play football. with friends in the courtyard pass mosque. time been friends a few years moved from one place at a health clinic in renofasi because mosque should they play it on the ground that there is but they are lazy because they stay far.

My hobbies are swimming second order to swim. I am often swim practice each week. It took very long to be, because I have to be let alone I was house right river behind it is very embarrassed when I could not swim I'll swiming.with ability to catch fish in the river, when the fish at the drunk. sometimes I was swim every afternoon in the river because the river for free, natural, and many friends.

I should have followed my brother who has motivated me to be able to swim, because he's he's a successful athlete, but I am less diligent not to follow a swim team then there goes the hope for a atlet.but in addition to the athletes so that I can be high, solid muscle and a good posture.
Although the dream to become the best football player and became a powerful swimmer is not reached, but the spirit to strive to become better still raging like a burning fire.

A few stories from me, sorry if there is incorrect grammar. To all my readers say thank you.
ARIF YULIANTO /105413213/D3 TL 2010

Adi saputra (105413002)

My life everyday

Everyday I live my days with learning and playing foot ball. I usually started the day with a morning bath, breakfast and depart study.for me morning bath and breakfast is healthy, although sometimes a cold shower that morning but I had to shower in the morning for health. then after my bath immediately change clothes to college and don’t forget to eat breakfast, because it is very important if I am hungry stomachs in a lecture usually can’t concentrate and spirit in a study usual reduced. Although potluck breakfast with a side dish but I have to eat breakfast.
After breakfast I rushed to leave college and do not forget to ask for prayers to the parents by way of shaking hands and kissing the hands of both parents. I can’t learn fast if I forget about it, so it means I have taken time to say goodbye to both parents, although sometimes forgotten. Arriving campus class I gather with friends while waiting for the professor to come, at that time leason is english one of the lessons that I liked, for some reason at the time of my english lessons really like. Although I can’t speak english very well and correctly. I should be fluent in English because I had a student who entered the second semester at State University in Surabaya.
Once home I usually invited to play college football with friends - friends at home should I rest after returning to college. Although the mind feels tired ,after my lecture remains a time to play football. because of my busy playing ball to i am forget time and feel the time is late afternoon, then I should go home, shower and rest.
In the evening my friends usually play play station and I also participate. I should learn to go to college instead of playing tomorrow. That's my daily health


If I was still able to continue studying abroad, I will kneel to the gods because it is the deepest desire. I had promised my parents that I would be happy they are with my success.

I'm probably not as smart as Einstein, but I could be said to have committed such Patih Gajah Mada. I will prove my intelligence to everything that I could. I'm sure of it, but if eventually I fail, I will not give up. I will keep fighting until my confidence faded though au convinced that my faith will never fade.

My dad would want me to be a child that is useful for everything and I'm not going to waste them. So, aknkah I could be what my parents want? The answer I only one who knows.

       Nama : Heru Setyawan
NIM : 105413010
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instrumentation and control laboratory

surabaya state universities are state universities that have engineering laboratory, one of which is a laboratory instrumentation and electrical control. located at the engineering faculty building A50202. in which there is the projector to deliver the material before practice, and tools that are used for students to practice. one ofis power supply , avometer , electricmotors , etc..

power supply used for the rectifier ac current (alternating current) to dc (direct current) will then be salurakan. avometer being used to measure large currents, voltages, and large electrical resistance listrik.motor used as pengerak this is due to electrical energy which move it.
in this workshop also has a projector and air conditioning as a means of supporting learning and teaching.